1Army and where it started!

1Army and where it started!

Charles Harris ·

1Army was actually started in 2019 by a few good friends.  Although the brand was "Founded" back then, it was never officially launched.  Robert Bartlett, Chuck Harris and Kenny Johnson all decided to make some parts that they felt was necessary for their vehicles.  Since Robert Bartletts core business was machining parts for large gun companies/manufacturers, the rc parts was something he could incorporate fairly easily, so he did.  While Robert no longer races RC, his sons Dylan Bartlett and Brendan Bartlett along with his daughter Katelyn Bartlett continue to hit the track.

Kenny Johnson has been "in" the rc industry between racing and management for several companies for 25+ years.  His son Kyle Johnson continues to attend several races per year mixing it up with some of the best!  Kenny Johnson battled some health issues over the past year and stepped away from the 1Army business for the time being.  While he is not involved in the day to day, he will always be one of the founders.

Chuck Harris has also been in and out of RC for the past 25 years and was one of the founders of Dialedinc.com RC car bags.  Shortly after the launch of dialedinc.com Chuck sold his share of the business to his partner and started to pursue product/brand development in other categories that were more mainstream.  While business and family kept him away from the hobby for the past 10 years or so, he found himself tinkering within the RC industry once again!  Chucks son Chuck Jr. and his daughter Hannah Harris both hit the track with Chuck now.

Over the past couple years 1Army has manufactured parts that our core group has been testing and utilizing on our own vehicles.  As we progressed the inquiries have poured in and we began shipping to those who would go through the trouble to contact us as we have not had a website or inventory until now!


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